Trade Shows as a Way to Market Your Own Trade

Promoting a Company at trade shows and exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions may be a great way to put your home extension business out there showcasing the services and products you offer. They are also an excellent way to network with other business members and increase your own client base.

A trade show is an occasion where products and services in a particular industry are displayed and shown to other companies. An exhibition is generally the same, except the audience is generally the general people not just other businesses in the industry.

Trade shows and exhibitions could be helpful advertising tools for specialist tradies; although, not all companies gain from them. Consider your company scenario and do your homework before becoming involved with trade shows and exhibitions.

This article describes how to become involved with trade shows and exhibits, exactly what the advantages and dangers are, and also just how to get the most by attending and exhibiting your business.

Advantages and Dangers of trade shows and exhibitions

Think about the advantages and risks to your company when deciding whether to exhibit your service or product. These can differ from business to business, there may be a whole lot to benefit by promoting your goods in person within another environment to what you would be used to.


Trade shows are usually targeted in an industry and individuals interested or involved in that business, for example domestic plumbing services. Exhibiting at a trade show can be an excellent way to promote to a target audience and generate a new level of recognition for your business.

Exhibitions are available to both large and varied type of audiences (normally the general public). This offers you a platform to advertise your product or service to a wider group which could have little if any knowledge of your services and products potentially expanding your target market.

Based upon your type of business, product and market testing could be performed in trade shows and exhibitions to acquire business or standard view regarding what you are offering.

Being involved in a trade show or exhibition can increase your opportunities to branch out to business-to-business trading and generate a customer database from the traffic received at your display booth.


It is also important to make sure that you’ve thoroughly researched attending a trade show or exhibit, and in the case that you have a company adviser, talk about it together. There are risks involved and you have to know about these risks in the planning phases:

  • Trade shows require at least a day and more of your time.
  • Travelling to trade shows could be pricey.
  • Displaying in a trade show may also be pricey.
  • There will most likely be a lot of competition at the trade shows as it is businesses from the same industry type as you.

Picking the incorrect trade show to exhibit your own businesses service or products could lead to displaying to the wrong crowd, displaying house extension services at an arts and crafts exhibition would not be appropriate but at a construction or interior design exhibition it would. Poor promotion can signify that the expenses of attending the trade show outweigh any profit you gain.

Deciding to attend

You may find attending trade shows is rewarding for those who have:

  • Sufficient funds to pay for display, attendance and other related costs
  • Exercised just how many prospects and customers you will want to obtain to create a return on your investment
  • Seen a trade show where you are considering exhibiting and you’re convinced that an acceptable number of contacts attend
  • Have a way to catch people’s attention
  • Adequate product literature.

Planning for trade shows and Displays

Promoting your business at trade shows and exhibitions can be a rewarding experience for small business owners seeking to advertise their services and products to a wider market such as a small commercial plumbing business. But without careful research and planning, these events could be a waste of both time and money.

Research forthcoming events

Before you choose to have a display at a trade show or exhibition, you will first have to do some research. Search the web for upcoming trade shows that are related to your business and industry. Your business association can notify you regarding future events and if your individual company may benefit from these.

Attend other trade shows and exhibits

A great approach in choosing whether a trade show is your ideal promotional tool for the company is to attend trade shows that are related to your business. This will offer you a firsthand view of the amount of participation and the forms of people attending those events. It is going to also offer you an opportunity to ask questions to other business owners and discover what works and what does not.

Research your audience

Research your customer base to discover the perfect way to showcase your services and products. Your display should serve your customers’ requirements and expectations. These can differ for business pros and the general public such as from domestic to commercial construction.

Get some quotes from visual screen businesses. They can assist with the design of your display stall, which makes it stand out for both current and potential clients. Also think of what you would like to convey about your business. Write down the important points about your company and practice saying them out loud.