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Top Trends in Retail Design in Sydney

Every store owner needs a unique retail design. In commercial buildings, common interior design elements include lighting, floor layouts, furniture, restrooms, and construction of the retail space. This article helps you to understand that both physical and online stores can be enhanced with creative designs.

The Objective of High-End retail Designs

An amazing concept of retail design is the flexibility for upgrades. Most office structures are remodeled according to modern trends. The goal of interior design is to influence the mood of walk-in customers and create a convenient workspace for employees.

What is Retail Design?

Retail design is an aspect of architecture that combines a variety of elements to improve the brand. Commercial business owners need design experts to improve their retail space. Usually, experts like architects and designers have collections of featured projects as part of their portfolio. These portfolios might be hard copies or online archives of snapshot images, walk-through videos, and webinars. However, they could be a collection of both old and jobs that make them proud.

The role of a retail interior designer is to boost customer experience and brand awareness, and overall to maximize sales. You’ll see different aspects of retail designs that can be applied to respective store layouts. Some examples of store layouts in Sydney include the following patterns.

  • Grid Store Layout
  • Round Store Layout
  • Regular Store Layout
  • Diagonal Store Layout
  • Assorted Store Layout
  • Forced-Path Store Layout
  • Geometric Store Layout

Top Trends in Sydney

In Sydney and other Australian cities, there are emerging trends of retail design and tech-driven spaces. Merchandising is giving customers a new level of satisfaction, and excitement. Most of these design elements start from the front of retails shop. So, the customer often has high expectations as they walk into the interior space, and point-of-sale desks. However, retail designs are not limited to physical store environments. Web designers often help retail store owners to display their designs online.

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According to the Australia Post, the e-commerce industry might hit a 15.1-percent growth in revenue by the end of 2019. One of the fundamentals of this revenue growth rate is the trend of appealing environment for stores. This forecast shows a direct link between retail designs and profitability. When tourists visit Sydney, they are amazed by the sights of shopping centers with bespoke designs.

Unique and modern design elements can be seen in the layouts of products on the shelf, floor tiles, common areas, and case displays. Here are some factors that influence many of these top trends in Sydney’s retail designs.


Tech-driven retail spaces can change customer expectations and perception of a specific brand. Usually, Sydney retailers love to integrate technology in business because of the convenience. Also, customers might want to experience what a physical store environment feels like after visiting their favorite online store. With a functional delivery system, online customers in Sydney can receive their products with a few hours of making payments online. It’s the responsibility of a website designer to build user-friendly platforms with high-end applications.

Layout Plan

Retail stores need to have layout plans that are spacious. In space design, some elements like lighting, furniture, and storage areas can improve design aesthetic. Other branding elements that enhance layouts are change rooms, bathroom facilities, floor tiles, and color schemes.


A well-designed shopfront is an iconic element of retail design. Usually, customers have their first impression with the appearance of the shopfront. In Sydney, the shopfronts of retail outlets have digital signage that welcomes walk-in customers and show the directions that help to navigate their interior spaces. A perfect example of this is a brand called Clearly Eyewear, who opened a store in Sydney and as part of the retail design they created a beautiful and eye-catching centrepiece for the shopfront. This was visible both day and night and was inspired by the area they are located in.