Instagram Marketing Tactics for Basketball Teams

Instagram is quickly increasing in popularity and a lot of brands are leaping to the Instagram train in the hopes of reaching new audiences and developing their fan base. Sports and physical fitness brands do extremely well on this exceptionally visual stage so there’s absolutely no explanation as to why your basketball team should not take advantage of Instagram.

In this informative article, we’ll highlight 8 powerful marketing approaches your basketball team can begin implementing on Instagram immediately to connect with your audience and increase your own fans.

1. Utilize Hashtags

Among the very important, if not the most crucial, would be to utilise hashtags with each post. Hashtags allow your content to be discovered and noticed by other users so you’ve got to be tactical together. Instagram permits around 30 hashtags for every individual article, however, remember that you don’t need to use all these to observe a heightened participation.

Most brands use between 11-20 hashtags that correlate for their market. Using hashtags that are relevant to basketball must be a given, however, you should not dismiss more overall hashtags that are related to sports or other businesses.

Think about creating your own branded hashtag that will foster a feeling of community and may be utilised in many various ways.

2. Use Contests and Giveaways

Hold a competition or a giveaway in your Instagram accounts to create awareness for your own basketball team. Utilize your branded hashtag to market it and encourage your customers to post photographs together with your hashtag included being able to win a prize. After that, you can choose 5 of their greatest photos and allow your fans choose the winner by liking their preferred photograph or you might reach out to basketball influencers on Instagram and have them act as judges and choose the winner.

So far as the prize goes, it could be anything from a couple of tickets to another game or some basketball jerseys from the team. You might even invite the winner to spend a day with your staff or take part in your own training.

3. Interact with Influencers

You might not be as well-known as the Chicago Bulls but that is no reason to shy away from the influencers from the basketball court. There are loads of basketball influencers with smaller crowds but very large participation rates who can nevertheless help you develop. Besides assisting you to market your staff on Instagram, you can and should set a connection together on other social networking platforms for greatest effects.

4. Favour your Biggest Fans

Nothing fosters a feeling of community better than creating your Fans feel unique. Think about picking among your followers who enjoy opinions about your photos on a regular basis and inquire if they’d be prepared to discuss some information about why they’re supporting your group. Utilise their response in a photograph caption (with their consent, naturally) and label them once you place the picture on Instagram.

5. Use a Mix of Photos and Videos

Instagram permits you to post 60-second movies that you can use to your benefit. You’re able to share a unique message prior to your match or maybe to highlight that winning shooter and communicate the air from the match itself. Utilising videos will break the bore of nothing but pictures. So mix it up with a cool shot of the team basketball hoodies and a video of the pre-game speech.

6. Boost Your Partners

It is no secret that NBA teams tend to be partnering with major name brands such as Nike and Toyota. It is possible to do the exact same to your basketball team by partnering with local companies and encouraging them in your own Instagram account. Do not forget to mention them in the caption. As a result, you may expose your team to a completely different audience when demonstrating support for your regional community too.

7. Quality Over Quantity

While You May Be tempted to post multiple times per day in the hopes of developing your accounts quickly, concentrate on submitting quality pictures instead of quantity. You should avoid posting fuzzy and out-of-focus photographs solely for the sake of posting something on Instagram. Your viewers will probably be thankful and you’ll come off as an expert staff which cares about their picture.


As soon as you’ve narrowed your Instagram advertising plan, keep in mind you need to keep consistent to receive the best outcomes. Including posting videos or photos on a regular basis, engaging with your own fans, and responding to their opinions in addition to enjoying their photographs and leaving opinions not just on your lovers’ accounts however on influencers’ account too.

Instagram is a terrific visual platform which Has a large user base and lets you flaunt your best game moments using both photographs and videos.