Business Tips For Catering

Sure you love your catering company, but getting the right kind of attention isn’t always straightforward. How do you stick out from the competitive food service industry while still having the opportunity to pursue your passion for food? Try these critical tips for marketing your company and watch as the clients come running in.

Get a fantastic website
It should go without saying, but a site is the central purpose of discovery for your company and how customers are going to learn about what you offer. If done right, your site can also automate transactions and promote your customers to make repeat and routine purchases through integration with Catering Management Software.

Optimise you site for mobile use
In this day and age there is simply no excuse for not having a site that is responsive and optimized for mobile use. Not only is mobile visitors increasing each year, but business websites seen on the mobile can be immediately contacted by potential clients from anywhere, via their phone. Consider the different kinds of clients you want to attract. How are they looking for your industry? It is likely that they’re talking about catering for a function with friends and family, or perhaps discussing about having colleagues over lunch or for prepared meals.

Your site should scale superbly round tablets, laptops and desktops, and work on all modern browsers. When picking a company to design your page, be sure they have an established history in providing mobile friendly websites. Unlock the potential for electronic marketing on the world wide web, there is more than one way to peel an apple. Here’s an overview of two important kinds of digital advertising, search and societal:

What is search engine marketing?
Sometimes Known as SEM, search engine advertising drives traffic from search engines such as Google. It comes in two major types; Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Quality SEO provides you the best value with time. It is about creating fun and engaging articles that highlights keywords and words that clients are actually searching for in relation to your goods. However, as it’s so powerful, it is often very crowded, particularly in established industries and as popular or common keywords. A fantastic way around this is to use nearby SEO; such as keywords that localise your articles by area, language and town.

What is social media marketing?
Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest boast countless millions of active users, and are a terrific way to network online. The principles of neighborhood business still apply, in that there is no point marketing yourself to people halfway across the world if you cannot cater to them. Most platforms allow you to target users in your community area and supply comprehensive analytics on user participation.

Generally, you want to fortify your self marketing and provide wonderful value, in addition to sharing on your love of food and catering creation. Perhaps if you have a breakfast restaurant, you could post stunning photos, celebrate the market, be both a voice of authority and a source of amusement. There is lots of ways to locate your social networking persona, just don’t forget that the hard sell generally has less success than a presence that provides involvement and awareness of your brand and what you can do.

What about my domain name?
Landing the perfect domain name is important for your website, and should be just as important as what your real business name is. Go for something specialised, either by location or support (or both). Your domain name is like your calling card, and ought to be branded anywhere; from tops and coasters to menus, business cards and flyers. If you have a vineyard in the yarra valley, be sure that your domain name is relevant to your catering business.

Use testimonials and reviews
Just provided a client with an excellent catering experience? Grab a testimonial from them and place it on your site. You can even offer your winner a connection back to their own company website. Testimonials enhance your reputation and provide a personal touch to your digital footprint.

When it comes to reviews, everyone is a possible critic. It is a double-edged blade which can both work for and against your company. One bad review probably will not turn away people amongst a sea of great ones, but it is important to bear in mind that each and every service is a chance to deliver something amazing. Encouraging your happy customers to assess your company is an excellent way to proactively manage your online reputation.

Take professional photos!
Too often, caterers and food service companies use grainy and poorly shot photographs to show off their otherwise brilliant creations. Whilst the hottest iPhone might have an excellent camera, the reality is, smartphone lenses just are not sufficient enough to deliver the type of overall visual experience you want to send to your clients. Check your local area for a quality photographer who will take some terrific photos of your foods. To discover a great photographer you should consider the following:

Create a shortlist and narrow it down to a list of shots you absolutely need. What kinds of cuisine actually captures your company? What are you famous for? What are the most gorgeous dishes that can be made?

Make certain that the photographer has an assistant as it is not merely a sign of quality, but photographers with supporters will work faster and get more shots done for you in a shorter time period. Find the perfect place, as the photographer should be able to indicate an economical studio option should you know where to shoot your photos. If you cannot find a competent photographer at a rate you can afford, then consider buying quality stock images from a commercial site like Shutterstock.

Style your food and wine
Styling food beautifully is essential for good photographs as beautiful food arouses the senses and increases the appetite. You can also incorporate styled dishes into your catering service as centerpieces, or to help direct traffic at buffet support fashion events. Most of all, presentation helps catch the creativity and acts as an indication of quality for your organization.