10 Tips For Running A Super Business

TIP 1 – Add A Touch Of Class

The most successful businesses are ‘classy’ businesses.
You can turn an ordinary company or office into one by
simply adding a touch of class to it.

> use designer letterhead and business cards
> provide limousine service for visiting clients
> offer an employee profit-sharing plan
> put plants in brass containers
> have a leather sofa in the waiting room

TIP 2 – Develop An Efficiency Plan

The ideal company or office should be super efficient.
Study all processing areas and create systems that work
really well. Do this by using custom forms and by entering
each task into a ‘task manual’. Then monitor the systems
and make minor improvements.

TIP 3 – Become Environmentally-Friendly

To gain admiration from your customers or clients, make
your company or office environmentally-friendly. Take a
tour and make notes of everything that could be improved.
Then gradually implement the changes. Publicize your
environmental efforts or commitment in product brochures.

> recycle fine paper
> use bio-degradable products
> avoid animal testing
> use goods made with recycled material when manufacturing
> practice proper disposal of hazardous material

TIP 4 – Implement Salary Supplements

Nothing makes an employee more enthusiastic than having
‘perks’ in their employment. As well as a good salary, offer
occasional salary supplements.

> paid training courses
> bonuses from new business brought in
> rewards for useable ideas
> transportation costs
> word-related competitions with terrific prizes

TIP 5 – Design Your Own Forms

When a client uses a customized form they immediately
perceive the business as a respectable firm. All it takes
is a few moments to design a custom form. Include the
company name and logo in a corner. Have the form
printed professionally.

TIP 6 – Keep Up With The Latest Business Trends

All super business owners know what is happening in the
business world. They know about new products and
services that are available. They know when a new software
version is released. They know about current trends in
the stock market. And they know about developments
that arise from business mergers. As a business owner,
you should have a way to become informed on the latest
business trends.

The files of a super business must always be in their
correct order, have folders in good condition, contain only
current or relevant material, and have a place to go for

TIP 8 – Tour Your Premises

Using a clipboard, take a tour of your business premises.
What do you see’ Make notes of anything that looks
unprofessional. Then go back to your office and plan a
way to deal with each one.

TIP 9 – Supplies and Equipment

Do a survey with your personnel and ask them to write down
any supply or equipment item they think would make their
job easier to do. Study these suggestions. Slowly add
appropriate items to the stock or inventory.

TIP 10 – Work Towards Exciting Goals

Team spirit is ‘corporate turbine power’. You can keep this
spirit going by having ongoing goals that you work towards
achieving. Publicize the progress of the goals using charts.
Plan ways to celebrate with your personnel when the goals
have been reached.